Tags used for searching

Thanks to the feedback from @tlance the search functionality is much-improved in beta versions 21 and up.

Starting with beta version 22 the following tags are used for search results:

  • Title
  • Artist
  • Album Artist
  • Album Title
  • Composer
  • Genre

However, more tags could be used for searches, in particular the sorting tags.

I don’t really see the use of searching the sorting tags since they should contain the same information already available in the non-sorting versions, but I’m curious if there is a use case I’ve missed.

Are there other tags that are good candidates for inclusion in searching?

Looking forward to this!

ETA for beta version 22?

Probably a couple of weeks. I am rearchitecting some of the internals to better handle the filters.

Very good! I was worried I’d missed something.

I did a quick write up of the searching in beta 22: Searching and Filtering in Decibel

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