2 issues in Beta 30

  1. Sync folder not syncing. Folder is on directly connected USB drive.
  2. Can not edit metadata.

After rebooting computer syncing works. This has happened before.
Also, as has happened before, a sync just wouldn’t finish. I had to quit (was asked if I was sure because was still going on). Upon restart sync does not startup. Doesn’t have to as it had indeed apparently finished.

Sometimes Sync works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes rebooting computer works. Sometimes it doesn’t.
I bought a year’s subscription to Audirvana Studio. The same things happen. So perhaps it’s a macOS issue?
It’s not that gib a thing in Audirvana because it has a “Sync now” button.
Add to Decibel?

I say again: Any chance to roll in a ‘Sync Now’ button?

Swinsian has the same inconsistent watch folder behavior. But, at least like Audirvana, Swinsian, too, has a manual sync feature.

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