Another syncing oddity

Added files to watch folder.
Decibel does not update over 3 restarts over two days.
Added some files today.
Decibel happens to be running.
All 63 files updated in the blink of an eye. The files added two days ago still haven’t shown in Decibel.
All files are ALAC and on the same drive.

Audirvana updated on its own.
I had to hit the rescan button in Swinsian.

So, again, other apps show similar issues but they do have manual update options though both require me to go into Settings to get to the rescan buttons. If you ever do implement a ‘rescan now’ option please add it to the main window.

I still haven’t been successful at duplicating the problems you’re experiencing so I’m not sure what the fix might be. The newest version does have a manual sync option which might help.

I’ve replicated the issue on two other machines. I have taken my M2 MacBook Air and connected the drive. Sometimes it syncs sometimes it doesn’t. I hooked up my wife’s old MacBook Air (Big Sur) and got the same issue. So it goes.

Force sync seems to essentially work. But based on the amount of time and what the main interface reflects I’m thinking that it’s not doing anything different than If I had merely removed the sync folder and then added it again.

I must not have sufficiently expressed what I was referring to. When I invoke a rescan in Audirvana and Swinsian what happens is they look for changes in the sync folder, any changes, including simply modifying a track’s tags. Doing so takes a fraction of the time that a complete scan from scratch does. I am clueless as to what’s going on under the hood. I only know the effect, which is something that does not require anywhere near the time of a complete rebuild.

Thanks for all the work. Good idea to extend trial time.

I just added an artist and two of his CDs while Decibel was open. Thankfully this time Decibel updated and did so damn near immediately. What I was wanting was that behavior for when automatic sync does not happen.

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