Beta 29 & folder sync

From the change notes I can’t see how this could be connected, but since updating, Decibel is not syncing.
Sure would be handy to have a ‘force sync’ function. Swinsian and Audirvana do.

To be clear, I am referring to Decibel installed on iMac directly connected to external drive where sync folder is located and not over SMB. I’ve given up on that.

This is definitely odd. That portion of the code hasn’t changed recently so I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be working as it did before. Are you running macOS 12 or 13?

Yep. Baffling.
Still on Monterey - v12.6.1

I just tried starting fresh - deleting library / resyncing.
Initial sync.
Added a CD.
No resync.

Had to reboot the computer. Ta-dah! Still doesn’t make sense but it’s now syncing.

I’m glad it’s working again.

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