Beta v25 all day

Used Beta v25 all day and am very pleased with it - has been a really enjoyable experience.
Don’t get me wrong. My concerns as expressed elsewhere are still relevant.

But I have become very worried about possible memory issues.
Yesterday I loaded my entire 2 TB library. I am getting a beachball too often. Not every move/click/whatever causes it but it does occur on the regular, enough to be annoying and possibly enough to keep me from using it.

Memory shouldn’t be any kind of problem (M2 MacBook Air / 24 GB UnifiedRAM) but seems like something’s going on.

Speaking of which, currently nothing is happening. Decibel is open but just sitting there yet the gear in the lower right is spinning, has been for over 3 hours- CPU 3.7 so it thinks it’s doing something? Real Memory is 520 MB.

Throughout the day I have done a few quits/restarts - same stuff happens.

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