Composers useless

Huge classical fan here. Added my classical files and am sad to see that though I can have a column for Composer there is nothing to show. It is as if there was no data in the Composer tag.
More, having Composer as a sorting/organizing view in addition to Albums/Artists/Tracks would make Decibel v2 useable.

What format are the files that should have composer data? I assume it wasn’t imported correctly so it could be a format support issue.

Vast majority are from my own CDs I am ripping - going to take ages but we very much want to downsize. I load CDs into, gathering tags from Gracenote, modifying them to suit my own preferences. I then rip to ALAC using XLD.

All other players, including Decibel v1, show the Composer tag/fields just fine.

Is the composer information in the track info window also missing?

Yes, the field is correct there.
Genre column info is missing, too, yet shows in the info window.

The issue was a misalignment in the text fields. It’s been fixed and I’ll release an update soon.

Good news. How likely is it you might roll in a Composers view a la Artists, Songs, Albums, and Playlists?