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Since my huge sync folder is problematic I have been thinking about how I manage my library. Turns out it could be easy. and Swinsian somehow keep track of where files are once added to their libraries. When I am adding several albums a day, once ripped, I take them from their ripped location, add them to’s library, and then move them to their final location in my carefully managed files structure - in Finder just dropping them onto their final directory and letting Finder place them accordingly. This is much easier than doing it one album by album, placing them in their final directory and then finding them, 1 by 1, and then adding to Decibel. Nor is the 1 by 1 necessary as is able to follow where the albums go. When I want to play something that was one place when I added it to Music’s (or Swinsian’s) library, but is now someplace else, Music/Swinsian finds it and plays it.

This is easier for me than what I would/will need to do if I keep with Decibel (which I would SO much prefer!). Imagine having 5 newly ripped CDs, all by the same artist, and needing them to be put into Decibel’s library. Their final destination is for the one artist’s directory but this directory already has a huge number of folders. I must go 1 by 1, adding the folder to the directory, then adding to Decibel. Not impossible but can be a minor/major pain in the butt. Even worse is classical where the directories are composer based, then by conductor, and separate directories for orchestra. Worse is when a CD has more than one composer and/or more than one composer/orchestra. Adding 1 by 1 to Decibel will be very taxing at times. Is why the sync folder, as I wish it could be, was so appealing.

I do wonder if this is a legit facet of Swinsian. I remember many years ago asking you for Decibel v1 to have an easy toolbar button to locate/connect a networked output, and to remember that choice, as did iTunes, now as does Music. You said Swinsian developers were able to do that by using/doing something Apple probably wouldn’t approve of. (I note that these many years later Swinsian still has that feature and Apple hasn’t barked at them.) More reason to think Swinsian is doing something “special” is that I can find no other player that remembers/follows files that have been added to their library. I have tried Musique, Colibri, PinePlayer, & Strawberry. I have not bothered my son-in-law (yet) to test his Audirvana. I’ll see him this weekend and if I remember to do so I will see about it.

Trying these apps made me wish/think of Play :slight_smile: .

Still use Max occasionally when XLD balks. Thanks for keeping it alive.

This is a feature I’ve been working on and it will be in the next version. The underpinnings have been there all along but I hadn’t fully implemented the feature until now.

Those were the good old days!

I loved Play. Liked Cog, too (whatever happened to that guy?) but preferred Play. I didn’t have the digital collection to make much use of any player - just liked to mess with such.

Good to hear about the intended feature.

Gotta say, with the way search is now and the user layout, I really think you have something.

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