Empty library after disconnect with share

I have my files located an external drive connected to an iMac in a back room. I have Decibel v2 on my laptop connecting wirelessly. For an unknown reason the network connection burped in such a way the only way to regain connection was to restart the laptop, properly quitting apps. Upon restart connecting was fine, networked shares as expected. But when starting Decibel the library is empty.

Just to clarify, is the library window showing nothing or are tracks showing but you’re unable to play them?

Is the entire library a watch folder?

Decibel keeps track of files using their paths. I suppose it’s possible that the paths changed when the network share reconnected. If you are willing to do some investigation in Terminal (or alternatively share your library database) that would help determine what is going on.

There was nothing. As if opened for the very first time.

Yes, entire library is the watch folder on the networked share. Trashed the old ~/Library/Application Support/com.feisty-dog.Decibel files then resynced. All has been well since.

Other than restarting both the iMac and my MB Air nothing was changed - sharepoint names, iMac’s network sharing name, etc.

I’m not afraid of the command line, just know nothing and have “fat fingers”.

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