Exclusive output

v1 had a preference for it to have exclusive access to the output. Any plans to institute that in v2? I’d sure like that.

Right now I don’t have any plans to implement exclusive access.

Could you outline the use case that you envision?

In Music.app I can select output to something else besides the computer itself. In my case I play it through a wireless connection to my stereo setup via an AirportExpress. For other players, besides Swinsian, I must change output through the Sound Preference Pane, which is often a major PITA as I must remember to change it back if I later want to use that connection for playback from another device, say my phone. Setting the output as does Music.app does not control the Sound PrefPane. That is, I can play Music through the AE, leave Music idle, then later, without doing/changing anything, play from my phone. Airplay sees the network connection as open even though Music.app is set to use it.

So, since Decibel does not have this ability I must use the Sound PrefPane to select the network connection. OK, it’s my own stupid fault if I neglect to change it back after using Decibel. But, there’s more. If, while playing Decibel through the network, I’m also killing time online and happen to land somewhere that has sound then that sound also goes through the network and blasts out of my stereo’s speakers. Perhaps I’m mistaken but if Decibel can be set to hog the sound then only Decibel would be heard?

I assume this means the device doesn’t show up as available in the popover window controlled by the headphones icon?

Only after the change is made in the menubar Sound dropdown (or Sound PrefPane).

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