Failure to sync over SMB

To recap, my sync folder is on an external USB drive connected to an iMac. I connect to the iMac and drive via wireless SMB. Previously I reported that Decibel did not sync changes to sync folder, upon startup, over SMB, while it would sync changes if changes are made if Decibel already open. The iMac of course synced as expected.

I just switched it up, connecting the drive to my laptop and having the iMac connect wireless SMB. Same behavior. iMac would only sync if Decibel already running when changes are made but not if starting up after changes to sync folder have been made.

So an SMB issue and not one with just my laptop’s install.

Thanks for investigating this further.

There is no special handling of different filesystems in Decibel. Are you sharing the volume using macOS’ built-in functionality?

Yes. Sharing as set in the Sharing PrefPane and mounted in Finder.

Works as expected if Decibel is already open.

Swinsian is no better. Worse in fact. No sync on startup. While running sync folder changes do not register. Works fine when drive is connected.

Daughter and family are coming for dinner. Son-in-law will bring his laptop and let me test Audirvana.

Played with the son-in-law’s Audirvana. I didn’t use my sync folder because of size and time. But I made one big enough to thwart the sync function.

When the drive is plugged into his laptop (2 year old i7 MacBook Pro - neglected to note the RAM) Audirvana synced as expected. When connected over SMB wireless it, too, sucked. That is, when changes were made while open the sync was automatic and if changes were made and then Audirvana was opened nothing happened right away.

Two differences: 1) You can go into its preferences and force a sync. 2) You can set it to always force a sync upon startup but that is a complete sync, as if for the first time, whereas the sync in #1 just looks for new stuff.

And another thing - you can’t edit metadata in Audirvana.

So, thank you for that.

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