Feature Request: Album Artist sort

It would be cool to have an option so that the Artists view can default to Album Artist instead. Currently any compilation or tracks that have featured artists get separated out. I have my files have ‘Various Artists’ in the album artist field for any compilations. An album that has featured artists will have the main artist name in the Album Artist field. Just keep things a bit tidier and practical.

Doesn’t have to be a separate view as an icon at the bottom of the bottom bar, could just be a right click option.

This should be the behavior if the Part of a compilation metadata flag is set. Is that set for the albums/tracks in question?

I’ll check after the holiday and report back.

‘Part of a Compilation’ is checked but you can see that in the Artists column on the left that there are a few artists that feature on this album (Dance Zone '94 - one of my first CDs :grimacing:) but still show up as individual artists rather than ‘Various’. I have checked many other compilations and this is the same.

However, if I go to ‘Various Artists’ on the artists pane on the left then many compilations show up just in there and the individual artists do not show up - which is good. Checking on one of these albums (30 Years of R&S Records) 'Part of a Compilation is not ticked.

What would you advise? Happy to keep testing and appreciate your hard work!

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