Feature request: Some GUI nice to haves

I’ve been using Legacy Decibel and the 2.0 Beta and a couple of things that would be great to have:

  • Double click column header separators (e.g. in Tracks view) to auto-width the column
  • A ‘mini-mode’ would be really nice: e.g. the ability to toggle completely hiding the middle pane so that the app collapses into just the toolbar and the ‘status bar’ containing Output Settings, EQ, etc. buttons, maybe via a double-click of an empty space on the toolbar, or a dedicated button.

Great effort so far by the way, I’m enjoying the simplicity and quality of both Legacy and 2.0.

What got me to buy into it way back in the day, over Fidelia, Bit perfect, etc.

And I +1 your suggestions.