Got a crash in Decibel

I’m linking to the crash report here 'cause I can’t find an option to attach text files.

It happened after I listened to a bunch of songs, just as one song ended and the song of the same album was supposed to start.

I seem to be the only one posting here. Am I in the wrong place?

decibel crash report

Thanks for the crash report. You’re in the right place!

Got another crash. This one happened on my 2012 Mini. It happened just as I went into the preferences panel and removed my external HD from the “Keep the library in sync with the following folders” list. The change took hold, when I went in to check the disk wasn’t on the list anymore.

crash report

Thanks for reporting these. If you are able to figure out a way to reproduce the crash(es) that would be very helpful. The crash report you linked is the same one as earlier; is there a different one?

Yeah, sorry about that.

I found a way to crash Decibel on my Mini, I’m enclosing a video and crash report files in this post.

I think it crashes when I add my external HD to the library sync preference, and then remove it before it finishes syncing. The video shows that:

  1. Add the drive to the sync list
  2. Decibel starts syncing
  3. Remove the drive from the sync list
  4. Decibel is still syncing
  5. Decibel crashes (this is not in the video, but the latest crash report corresponds to that).


crash report 2
crash report 3
crash report 4
crash report 5
crash report 6
crash report 7

This should be fixed in beta 13.