iPhone solution

Any plans for some type of iOS solution? I ask because I do find it SO damn convenient to use my AppleWatch to control what’s playing on my home stereo. That is, I have used Subsonic to create a server from which I can play my lossless files through an iOS app. AppleWatch will then connect to the iOS app and control the app through NowPlaying. NowPlaying doesn’t care what app on the iPhone is being used. There are other solutions similar to Subsonic but none of them, including Subsonic, are 100% foolproof all the time. Also I have tried Remote Buddy but it’s a klunky process.

I’m thinking you’d rather not create a whole new server/networking service, at least not now. :wink: But I am wondering if it might be feasible to create an iOS app to control Decibel, a la Audirvana, and hopefully it could somehow work with AppleWatch’s NowPlaying app.

Any thoughts?

edit: Check that re: Remote Buddy. It wasn’t that but another free-/shareware app of which I can not remember the name. I do vividly remember it was klunky.

This is definitely technically feasible and it is something I’m interested in doing. The difficult part is finding the time. Decibel 2 already attempts to become the “now playing” app and updates the now playing info center. It also attempts to handle events like next track, previous track, change shuffle mode, etc. I’m not quite sure if/how that information may be used from an iOS device, though.