More re: playlist

In lieu of an iOS app I plan to use a temporary playlist so I can start some albums then walk away from the computer. So, how to add stuff to the playlist? In Albums view I can command-click to choose then right-click to add to a playlist. Good enough (excepting the failure to sort by Release Date).

But what about when each album might be very far away (e.g. one by The Beatles then another by American Flyer then a third by Kingfish)? Currently I can only do the above, requiring lots of scrolling. I thought to go to Artists view which still requires a bunch of scrolling when there are over 2,000 artists, though not as much as scrolling through all their albums in Albums view. But there is no way to select albums. I can (in Artists view) go to an album and select all tracks, right-click, and choose to add to playlist. Good enough? Nope. Only the track under the pointer when the right-click is acted upon gets added. Yes, all tracks are selected; only the one gets added. Makes no sense.

Also, there is no contextual menu when right-clicking in a playlist. I must go to menu bar items to get to actions (e.g. delete).

If you have selected multiple albums for listening, instead of creating a one-off playlist you can double-click the first track on the first album and Decibel will play from only the albums that are selected.

However, the albums played in this manner aren’t sortable.

Good to know, and for just playing pretty nifty.

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