Once in a while Decibel will stop playing between tracks

It happens that, just as one track ends, and the next is due to start, playback will stop.

Clicking on the play button will have no effect.

However, going into output settings, and changing the output device, will restart playback at once. Then I switch back to my regular output device. The alternative to this is restarting Decibel.

I captured this behavior in a couple of screen recordings in case it is useful.

video 1

video 2


Is the problem reproducible or does it seem to be random?

It appears random … I haven’t noticed a pattern.

In other news, I got this crash report. I was playing some music from the library, while at the same time going into the watch list to delete what was in there (it was pointing to the root folder of an external drive) and instead select a couple of folders from same disk. I think it crashed on the instant when I clicked on the minus button.

I also do repeatedly experience the same issue with Decibel 1.3.5. Potentially relatedly, sometimes after track A finishes playing, instead of continuing playing with the lined up track B, Decibel replays track A instead. The behavior appears random.

That thing where it jumps back to track 1 instead of playing the lined up track has also happened to me in the beta.

I believe I’ve fixed this problem (playback occasionally wouldn’t advance) in b14.

Beta 14 is still not available for me. I guess more patience is needed :slight_smile:

There also is some weird behavior with the space bar, as in, when I have paused playing (ie to answer a call or go into a meeting) and then return to decibel, I will push the space bar to restart playing. It’s the fastest way. However, when I do this, some times play will resume for a fraction of a second and then stop again. So In that case I click on the play button and play resumes.