Removing from playlist

I created a playlist with all of Rush. I like to remove songs from the playing list when I stop listening for the day. This way I don’t have to remember where I left it.

When i do right-click on the playlist to remove the tracks, I don’t see a “remove” option in the menu. I see a “delete from library” which is not what I want to do.

Maybe it’s just the message text? Don’t feel like chancing it :slight_smile:

Delete from Library is not what you want in this situation. It removes the tracks from the library entirely, not from just the playlist.

You can accomplish what you’d like to do using the Delete item in the Edit menu or by pressing command-delete.

That’s good to know, how to remove tracks. from the playlist. It’s just that I expected to see a “remove from playlist” option in the dropdown.

BTW, does Decibel 2 have a logging options like the old Decibel had? I’ve seen a couple of glitches that I was unable to reproduce (for example yesterday I stopped a track with spacebar and minutes later when I restarted it, the playback was pure static. The solution was to quit and restart.

Decibel does have logging. Internally it uses os_log which is Apple’s recommended logging method for macOS. Unfortunately it isn’t as flexible as I’d like; there is no way to create a separate log file. If an error is logged by Decibel it will be visible using the Console app if you search for Decibel and look for messages with a yellow dot.