Side to side scrolling, again

Back in June (v18?) I wrote about not being able to scroll side to side. I asked if it was just me. No one replied. I’m referring to Tracks view and a playlist’s view.

Still wondering.

It could be a table column width issue. Are the columns are wider than the window?

Don’t think so.

It sounds like this is the expected behavior unless I’m misunderstanding. If you drag a column divider so that the total width of the table is wider than the window then you should be able to scroll sideways to see what’s not visible. Otherwise horizontal scrolling is disabled.

But I have checked more columns to show than do show. Every other Mac app, be it Apple’s own or, or Swinsian, or even Decibel v1 do scroll left/right when columns and their user specified widths dictate the need.

Colibri does not scroll.

I can duplicate the behavior you’re experiencing and I’ll work on a fix for the next version. I’m not sure of the cause yet.

No worries! I look forward to new versions.

Should be fixed in beta 27.

And it is. Just getting better and better.

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