Simple comparison to Audirvana

We visited our daughter and her little family yesterday afternoon/evening. Turns out my son-in-law is an Audirvana fan and let me mess with it. The user interface/experience is very similar to Decibel v2. I find Decibel’s cleaner overall (especially prefer the square over round images) and more functional in all views.

Things it does I wish Decibel did:

  • In Artist view there is a popup list to choose more than simply artist (e.g. album artist, ensemble, performer, COMPOSER, etc.).
  • The taskbar area is at the bottom (dislike) with controls very large (too large but easier to mess with than D’s).
  • Volume slider in same taskbar area.
  • Has a free iOS remote which works very well.

Otherwise I cannot see it justifying the cost compared to Decibel’s, even for folks with true golden ears.

Of note:

  • Its playlists are not sortable by Year/ReleaseDate either though its up/down arrows switch as if it were sorting.
  • Takes forever to sync with watch folder but does have a ‘sync now’ function which works perfectly. (Hint, hint)

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