Some feature requests

#1) Selecting albums sequentially. I must command-click to select albums. I wonder if, as is possible in, it could be possible for “inclusive clicking” (my term for it) when all the albums are together in the UI. Please see first attached. I would want to choose all eight of “The Last Waltz” albums. In to add some sequential pix you can select the first, hold the shift key, and select the last and all in between are also selected. Like any/most/all(?) Mac selection process, when creating a group of stuff, you can hold down shift on first and last of sequential items to form a group or command-click for individually choosing options for a group.

#2) Compressing album listing per artist. See second attached, my pitiful attempt at editing a screenshot to see what I’m talking about. Almost always having them displayed as is suffices. But when there’s a huge amount of albums scrolling is a major PITA. Having them compressed/condensed sure would be sweet. Even sweeter might be modifier key that toggles expanded/compressed view when an artist is clicked. Would be especially if I ever get that Composers view.

#3) Larger toolbar section of the UI. I’d love to have some options like most other Mac apps’ standard modify options, especially to move stuff. I’m a mouser so mousing all the way to the top left to control playback could be much better if I could move them closer to the middle and if there was an option for everything to be bigger. Having the Search filed closer to middle and/or larger would also help my mousing. IOW I’d love to not need to be as precise in hitting targets.

#4) A sane equalizer. While my ears aren’t exactly golden I am very picky about levels. I have been known to change which equalizer setting I use on an album by album basis. Even if I were smart enough to muddle through how it’s executed I’m thinking I couldn’t have multiple EQs from which to choose.

#5) Info/Inspector window/view. In Decibel v1 I always had it open.

#6) iOS remote app. I’d pay for it.

Re: the sane equalizer, I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying. Do you mean a non-parametric (graphic) equalizer, per-track equalizer settings, or something else entirely?

Haha. Like whatever you call the one in Decibel v1.

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