Some playlist concerns

  1. When I select some albums > right-click > choose ‘Add to Playlist’ I can only choose playlists that already exist. No big deal but it sure would be convenient to have ’New Playlist’ as an option, or “New Playlist from selection’. The former Is possible in and the latter in Swinsian.

  2. Can not name playlists.

  3. In a playlist, sorting on ‘Release Date’ does nothing. The little up/down indicator indeed goes up/down but the listing does not change. For me this is a biggie as I often want to listen to some albums in chronological order.

Thanks for the feedback-

  1. There is a menu command in the fIle menu called “New Playlist from Selection” (command-shift-N) that I think does what you’re after. I agree it might be nice to have the option in the context menu as well.

  2. The next version will support playlist renaming. The only thing I haven’t fully decided is whether it should be allowed to have more than one playlist with the same name.

  3. Sorting for playlists is something I’ve wondered about. The fact that the “Release Date” column is clickable is actually an oversight- none of them are supposed to be. The idea, in my mind at least, is that a playlist has an inherent order. Would sorting using the table change the inherent order or only the presentation? If the latter, how should drags, insertions, etc. be handled?

Ha ha. In all my years I have never ever used playlists. Did just checked out how and Swinsian do them.

Re: #1 - Had noticed that. Like needing to go to Edit>Delete instead of having the contextual-menu, it suffices. But would be nice.

Re: #2 - For my feeble mind being able to have the same name would be nothing but trouble.

Re: #3 - Swinsian playlists are sortable and does do what I want, sort by year keeping the track order. So, while totally naive about playlists I would think they should be maximally adjustable for users’ needs/wants. As for the rest, I have no idea. Barring an iOS remote (sorry, couldn’t resist) I only need a playlist I can add some albums to, sometimes (60-70% of the times?) wanting to sort them by release year while keeping track order. Since the earliest days of iTunes I’d never dealt with playlists. I’m very surprised to see that a playlist is quite rudimentary. Only column choices are Song, Artist, Album, Time. That’s it, no other columns can be added. No column can be sorted. Simplistic in the extreme.

Most days have me playing music many hours. I play from an iMac in a back room home office. I start something while remoted in from my laptop then go about, using as my whims proceed. Since there is no iOS remote I could not be as whimsical about what I might want to hear next but with a playlist functioning as I need I could at least load it up with a bunch of stuff for playback over the course of a few hours. Otherwise I will make do.

I’m taking such interest because with these latest improvements I’m finding v2 really great.

As somewhat of an aside, smart playlists are sortable and might suit your use case as well.

Interesting. Will check it out.

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