Sorting by Title

Sorting by Title doesn’t work.
It needs for audio files which have no metadata but they have number inside file name.

I assume you’re referring to sorting the tracks by title in the track view?

Are you asking for sorting by filename as a fallback when the audio files have no tags?


Yes, it is exactly as you write. Within one album, I have tracks named, e.g.:

01-Celine Dion-Flying On My Own.m4a
02-Celine Dion-Lovers Never Die.m4a
03-Celine Dion-Falling In Love Again.m4a

But in the Title column, sorting neither ascending nor descending is working. The whole album is imported without regard to the filename, and if I want to ensure that the songs are sorted correctly, I have to import them one by one.


I think this is a great suggestion and I will look at implementing it for the next version.

Have you considered adding tags to your audio files?

I’m glad I can help.

I always purposefully remove metadata. Although in theory it should not affect the quality of reproduction, in fact it has a rather significant effect on it.

Beta 27 sorts by path and filename in the case of missing or incomplete metadata.

Works fine when I add songs. They are sorted by filename.
Ascending or descending sorting at Tracks view doesn’t works.

Could you post a screenshot of the behavior you’re seeing along with the filenames? Sorting by track title (or most columns if the files have no metadata) should result in the tracks being ordered by pathname (directory and filename combination). I discovered a bug where descending order isn’t respected but they should still be ordered by pathname.

Yes, that’s right. It is not possible to change the order to descending.

This should be working correctly in beta 28.

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