Syncing with watch folder

Why the delay of sometimes over an hour?

If unavoidable can we have a menu bar item for ‘Sync now’ or some such?

Been overnight and latest additions to sync folder have not shown up.

About how many files/folders are in your watch folder? Syncing can be an intensive process (it’s more or less a re-import) so the time taken can vary quite a bit- although overnight seems excessive by most any measure. Generally the file system event processing should start within 3 seconds of the file system change.

I should have been more clear. I was writing about it never even starting.

Now, having said that, since the network muckup, the updating has been working although a couple hours at least before beginning. Since the muckup there have been three times needing updates.

I am in the process of digitizing my CD and LP collection, should I live that long. On a good day I’ll rip 6-8 CDs and add them to the synced folder. So, pretty much every day I’m doing a several CDs update/sync. My son-in-law says that his Audirvana update lags, too, but has a button to start scan. It’s a minor PITA as he has to Preferences>Sync to get to the button. I like my idea written elsewhere to have a menu bar item for forced scanning.

1212 folders with a gazillion subfolders. 1.89 TB total. Do you have plans for Decibel v2 to report library stats?