Tried beta and facepalm

Used Decibel for decade and now first time tried 2.0 beta.
First - sound quality is crap, overloaded bass kills the music (i have professional quality monitor speakers and audio interface). Second - numerous problems like no possibility moving tracks in playlist by mouse, no “load files into memory” option and glitching sound when play from network share, etc. Overall, this no beta, but prealpha. Removed.

Thanks for taking the time to post feedback on Decibel 2.0 beta.

Audio output is bit perfect to the original as long as the equalizer is disabled. I’m not sure why you’d hear any difference in bass. There is no equalization applied by default.

You are able to drag and reorder tracks freely in a playlist. However, the tracks view is not a pseudo-playlist like in the previous version but rather a view into the library consisting of all the files added to Decibel. The playlists view allows creation and editing of playlists, including smart playlists.

Memory play has been supported from the first beta version although the preference to enable it was hidden. It is no longer hidden in the newer betas.

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