Upsampling in Decibel 25b doesn't work

I see that upsampling in Decibel 25b stopped working.

There were no changes in the playback engine in v25. Can you describe the behavior you’re seeing?

After start play song Decibel switches sample rate and bit depth to native sample rate and bit depth of song. It doesn’t matter how DAC setting is before start playing.

“Adjust sample rate for best quality” in “Output Device Options” is checked.

That is the expected behavior when the “adjust sample rate” option is checked. If you’d like to keep the DAC sample rate unchanged unchecking that option should leave the DAC settings as-is.

I’m not sure if this is the same behavior as in previous versions.

If Decibel doesn’t upsample (2x, 4x) the native sample rate, it makes no sense to leave the DAC set differently than the sample rate of the song.

One question: Are you planning for Decibel native integer mode?

I don’t plan on this for version 2.0.

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