Volume level changes at end of track, replaygain applied

I use Decibel (1.3.5) almost daily for listening to a long playlist containing several singles, each having their own Replaygain volume level. What I noticed is that sometimes the very end of a song gets way much louder or softer. This is especially noticeable in song with quite an abrupt ending, like ‘Oasis - Acquiesce’ (volume up), ‘Deee-Lite - Groove is in the heart’ (volume down), ‘Queens of the Stone Age - No one knows’ (volume up). Frustrated by this sudden change in volume level I decided to dive into this a bit more. From what I could find it looks like the Replaygain level from the next track is already applied when the previous track is not finished yet. For instance the Oasis-track is quite loud, so a high replaygain compensation value. Almost any next track will have a lower value, hence the noticeable volume difference. In case of the Deee-lite-track this is noticeable the other way around. Could this be solved by changing the buffer size? And if yes, how should I do that. And otherwise, please look into this.

L.S. Version 1.2 did not have this issue. Unfortunately this version doesn’t work anymore with the latest OSX-versions.

For Decibel 2.0 I attempt to schedule replay gain changes with sample-level accuracy so this problem should be fixed in that version.

For version 1.3.5 changing the buffer size to a small value would likely minimize the amount of overlap between track replay gain values but I don’t think it will solve the issue.