When I play an album

I usually only want to play that album. I do not want to have the next album begin playing automatically. This is when in the Artist view which is where I am mostly - doesn’t happen in Album view. Short of using a temp playlist, adding and subtracting albums, or switching back and forth between Artists and Albums views, I don’t see a suitable/easy way.

The assumption is that the album view is used to find/listen to albums and the artist view to find/listen to tracks across albums. It sounds like this is not the workflow you prefer. I think with the correct filter you can show a specific album from an artist (using the FTS5 advanced syntax). Maybe there is the opportunity to simplify this by adding menu items for automatic query/filter.

Yep. My workflow is I get it into my head I want to hear something by ___________. I search on the artist then browse the albums. I had just been staying in the Artist view. But I now see I can be in Albums view and search by artist name. Ta-DAH! (Rather I should say du-uh?) I have what I want and an album plays like I want.

Sorry, for as much as I’ve messed with all this I should have figured this out.

Trouble is that often times I don’t even know who I want to play. In those cases I go to Artist view then start scrolling all over the place, up & down until someone catches my eye. In this case I can not then easily get to that artist in Albums view. I can copy then paste in Search. What would be cool would be if highlighting an artist in Artist view would then show those albums when switching to Album view.

Any track(s) selected in the artist view will be preserved when switching to the album view, provided there is no album already selected.

Cool. Settled on an Artist/Album… Selected just the first track. Switched to Album view and there it was.

That worked for the first time. But subsequent selecting in Artist view had no change. That first album was still showing in Album.

I suppose that is because that first album is still selected in Album view. You say, “provided there is no album already selected.” So, how do I unselect that album? How to have no album already selected?

I must have had no album selected for it to have worked that first time. Right?

Well, upon quitting then restarting there is now no album selected but there must be an easier way.

Another du-uh moment for me. Command-clicking the album on the left side unselects it.


Another way to quickly deselect all is shift-command-a (⇧⌘A).

Thanks. Must be getting close to release?

This is now my sole player. It is that functional for my uses.

Not to say I would very much love to see:

plus playlist sorting by release date

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